Puzzle Proceeds Help Covered Bridges

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UPDATE 1/15/13 -- All the puzzles sold out just before Christmas.  The Columbia-Montour Visitors Bureau thanks everyone for their support in maintaining the bridges.

DANVILLE -- There is nothing "puzzling" about this next story. It's no secret that covered bridges are popular tourist attractions in parts of Central Pennsylvania.

The Columbia-Montour Visitors Bureau made a puzzle out of a picture of a bridge in Columbia County.

A popular tourist attraction in Columbia and Montour Counties is the 25 covered bridges throughout the areas. Chris Young, who is President of the Columbia County Covered Bridges Association, says thousands of people visit them each year.

"When you go to the bridges, you just can't believe how many people stop while you're there," Young said.

The Columbia-Montour Visitors Bureau, in Danville, is promoting the popular tourist attractions. The visitors bureau is selling this 500 piece puzzle, which is the second one in a series.

"As a way for us to promote the covered bridges, have a souvenir for people who came and also donate back to the covered bridge association," Ingrid Podgurski of the Columbia-Montour Visitors Bureau said.

The bridge featured in this year's puzzle is the Lawrence L. Knoebel Covered Bridge at Knoebels Amusement Resort. The bridge is right off Route 487 and connects Northumberland and Columbia Counties.

"And it is a winter scene so it does have more of a Christmas theme to it," Podgurski said.

Ingrid Podgurski is the Marketing Director for the Columbia-Montour Visitors Bureau. She said the puzzle is $12. $2 from each puzzle will go to maintaining the bridges. Last year, the visitors bureau donated $1,000 to the Columbia County Covered Bridges Association.

"Any little bit that we get can go towards comfort stations, it can go towards small maintenance projects," Young said.