First Snowfall of Season

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SAYLORSBURG -- All morning long, the snow kept falling, covering roads, making it tricky for some drivers getting around.

"Main roads are fine, back roads, some are okay and some not so good," said Wayne Jaggers, of Saylorsburg.

Jaggers was up in Pike County all morning hunting.

When he came home to Saylorsburg. He was surprised by how much snow accumulated, but not too thrilled.

"Ah, it's okay. First snow of the year. So it won't last long. That's fine

Down the road, Bernardo Soriano was watching the snow fall. Taking it all in and wondering how he was going to clear his driveway.

"This is crazy, this snow. Maybe we're going to have at least six inches," said Soriano.

As Newswatch 16 was there, Soriano did fire up his snow thrower. But he said the snow was so heavy and wet. It was clogging up his machine making it near impossible to use!

But he kept at it anyway.

Not everyone was upset by the snow.

""I love it, i love snow, it's very exciting to me," said Jean Reiff, of Saylorsburg.

Reiff and her puppy named "Scamp" didn't waste anytime getting out into the elements to explore.

"He's eight months old and first time he's in the snow. He doesn't quite know what to make of it. He didn't want to come out in it. But once he's out, he loves it," said Reiff.

For some the first snowfall is something to celebrate.

We should mention that this snow is good packing snow. In other words makes for good snowman making.

Of course, snowmen who support the Newswatch 16 Pocono news team.