Dealing With The First Pocono Snow

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MOUNT POCONO -- Parts of our area received the first measurable snowfall since March. Among the harder hit areas Tuesday was the Poconos.

Newswatch 16 found a lot of mixed reaction to this first snowfall of the season.

At the five points intersection, where Routes 611, 940, and 196 meet in Mount Pocono, the roads were covered in new snow. Cars and trucks make their way through while PennDOT plows and salt trucks tried to keep ahead of the snow.

Just down the road, Michael Carrasquillo cleaned the sidewalk and parking lot of his shopping center, along Route 611-- a chore he dreaded.

"I know there's a lot of people that can't wait for it because they plow for a living, but I don't plow for a living," said Carrasquillo.

Even though clearing snow puts a few extra dollars in his pocket, Carrasquillo prefers it dry.

We met Dan Erb, as he cleaned the parking lot at dollar general in mount pocono. Time behind the plow wheel takes him away from his landscaping business.

"We still got a lot of landscape projects to finish up, so I hope it melts off and we can get back to landscaping for a little bit longer," said Erb.

Erb said he does pull in extra cash plowing parking lots, but his other business, landscaping still needs some attention.

We met people who had to be outside. After all, that's how they earn their living, but we also met people who wanted to be outside, and the snow didn't stand in their way.

Tom McCain traveled from his home in Canadensis, to a supermarket in Mount Pocono. He did not want to miss senior citizens discount day.

"I'm nuts. I'm a crazy old man," said McCain. "I just enjoy it. It's really nice.

School districts in Monroe County delayed the start of classes Tuesday because roads in residential areas were covered in the first snow of the season and here's something else to consider. Winter doesn't officially arrive for another three weeks.