Dancing With the Stars: Week 10 Superfan Blog

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This is the tenth, and final, in a series of 10 weekly Dancing with the Stars superfan blogs, as authored by contest winner Sarah Palonis, of Jessup.  

Week 9 was one of tension, anticipation, and sadness as we saw a fantastic performance from Paula Abdul, and also The Wanted. We knew as the weeks went on we would see those who we had hoped to win leave us, and again this was the case as we lost not only Apolo and Karina, but Emmitt and Cheryl as well. This leaves us with Shawn, Kelly, and Melissa to compete for the coveted Mirror Ball trophy in our finale week.

Week 10 is unfortunately our final week of the show, and my final week for this blog, but I want to say what a fantastic opportunity this has been and how much I have enjoyed sharing my views as a fan with everyone. Part one of our finale show kicked off with Kelly and Val who did a Paso Doble hoping to bring more passion to the stage than ever before. This passion definitely showed through and the judges scored the pair at a 29.5 for their first dance.

Next up were Melissa and Tony who selected the Samba and the movement was as exquisite as Melissa is giving the pair a perfect 30 for their first dance of the night. It is always exciting to watch her and Tony perform, and tonight they gave us a performance to remember.

Finally for their first dance of the night we saw Shawn and Derek perform, they decided to go against the rules again with their Quickstep and while the judges acknowledged the dance as a fan favorite they were unhappy with the fact that they decided once again to go against the grain earning a 27.

The final performances of the night were the super sized Freestyles Kelly and Val decided to dance to “The Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing, and they definitely had the attention of the crowd with their performance even involving the dance troupe. Their performance earned a 29.5 with a grand total of 59 for the night.

Tony and Melissa decided to go all out and use some fantastic lifts in their freestyle, and Melissa once again allowed her grace and ability shine through, and they ended up getting another perfect score for a total of 60 for the night.

Finally Shawn and Derek performed their freestyle, and Shawn got some help from her former Gymnastics team mates known as the “Fierce Five” and giving them an edgy performance with unbelievable lifts, and scoring Shawn and Derek a perfect 30, and a total of 57 for the night.

Tonight brings us our champion and brings our all-stars an end to their journey, and I have to say it has been fantastic to watch everyone grow both emotionally and artistically. I hope that you all enjoyed the show as much as I did, and though all three finalists are fantastic I personally am hoping to see Shawn take home the trophy! If you missed any of week 9s results show you can watch a recap at http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/episode-guide/EP016125130019-1509A-Dancing-with-the-Stars and even try to prolong your fan experience with some trivia and watch all the other recaps for the season! I hope everyone enjoys tonight as much as I will regardless of the results!

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