Share the Harvest

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PINE GROVE -- The state's Hunters Sharing the Harvest program depends on meat processors, such as Mease Meats near Pine Grove.

Hunters bring in the deer they harvested and donate all or parts of it to those in need.

"I did keep 30 pounds to make into sweet sticks for myself and the rest can go to someone who can need it and I am not hurting for any kind of food so I'd rather see it go to someone who can use it," said hunter Jeremy Lengle.

At Mease Meats they expect to see hundreds of deer brought in and many will go to the Hunters Sharing the Harvest program. The meat is then donated to food pantries.

"When we first started it, we sent it down to Harrisburg and we had no idea and now we know where it's going. It's staying right here, which is great for us," said David Mease, of Mease Meats.

The Hunters Sharing the Harvest program can also mean dollars back at tax time.

"One thing the hunters forget. It is a tax write-off that they can use for their taxes, so they get to use it for their benefit," said Tabitha Mease, of Mease Meats.

The Hunters Sharing the Harvest program also teaches young hunters to give to those in need.

The owners of Mease Meats say over the years they have given hundreds of pounds of meat to area food banks. This year will be no different.

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