New Bed & Breakfast Opens Near Danville

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DANVILLE -- Walking through the halls of "Abigail House", a brand new bed and breakfast near Danville, one may feel like they are already at home.  Owner Carla Leighow and her husband John said that was their goal.

""When I heard that this particular house was for sale, I knew this was it.  This is what I was looking to do to help people coming to the area," said Carla Leighow

The bed and breakfast is on Center Street near Danville just seven blocks away from Geisinger Medical Center.  The Leighows said they opened "Abigail House" to give people the comforts of home while their loved ones are in the hopsital.

"Abigail House" has another connection to Geisinger Medical Center, one of the hospital's founders, Abigal Geisinger, lived here in the late 1800's.

"She actually revealed her plan to build the hospital in the parlour of this house," said Leighow.

A piece of Geisinger history remains at the bed and breakfast.  Leighow said a hutch in the bed and breakfast is from the 1870's and was owned by Abigail Geisinger.

"Abigail House" opened on Friday.  In addition to Abigail Geisinger's history, the bed and breakfast showcases Danville's iron history.

"We have the iron beds and a lot of iron decorations.  Wherever I could use the iron I did," said Leighow.

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