Club Treasurer To Spend Time in Jail

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PINE GROVE -- On this first day of rifle deer season, a woman was sentenced for stealing more than $200,000 from a wildlife protection organization in Schuylkill County.

Stacy Kassab was surrounded by family and friends as she entered Schuylkill County Court. She told a judge that she has an extreme casino gambling habit and that's one reason why she stole from the Pine Grove Fish and Game Protective organization.

David Mease said he's a club member.

"I knew her when she was growing up she was about my son's age I knew her for years and I knew her parents and I never thought it would happen," said Mease.

Stacy Kassab was the treasurer of the organization for three years. Prosecutors said that stealing was a way of life for her and left the Pine Grove organization financially devastated.

Club member David Mease said he was shocked when Kassab was arrested and wants answers.

"Thats so hard to believe and I was wondering where the officers of the club where and was they overseeing it and where the money was and why it disappeared and why it was so long for them to realize it was gone!" said Mease.

Craig Umbenhauer is a former club member.

"All the club members there are donating to the club and she took away from it and it's not right she did it for herself," said Umbenhauer.

The Judge in the case said he wanted to send a message to others who would violate the trust of their friends and neighbors.

State prosecutors wanted Stacy Kassab to spend at least a year in state prison. Instead the Judge decided to send her to the County jail for 11 and a half months where she's eligible for work release because the goal is to pay back all the money she stole.