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Hunting Season in NEPA

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HUNLOCK CREEK -- It's a last minute rush for hunters here at the PA Game Commission office near Dallas.

Rifle deer season kicks off Monday, but there were plenty of outdoorsman on hand who enjoy the hunt during all four seasons!

"Year round! Woodchucks and everything! When you're a hunter you're a hunter, it's as simple as that!," said Frank Shumack Jr., of Hunlock's Creek.

Shumack and his wife Alexis enjoy the NEPA great outdoors as much as they can! The couple owns over 100 acres in Luzerne County, which means they are able to enjoy hunting right in their own backyard!

"Ohhhhh.  It's the sport! It's being outside! I just like being outside," said Alexis Shumack.

"Obviously Monday is a big day.  License sales are actually up for the last few years," said Pete Sussenbach, of the PA Game Commission.

Increased license sales amounts to more revenue for the state.  Which means loyal hunters like the Shumacks are good for the economy.

"Turkey, buck, pheasants, everything! The only thing we haven't got so far is a bear.  No desire.  But we enjoy it!," said Frank Shumack Jr.

The doors of this game commission office in Luzerne County were opened for extended hours over the weekend.  To help area hunters get out in time for opening day.  And officers remind hunters that safety must always come first.

"We want everyone to treat every gun as if it's loaded.  We want them to make sure they know what their target is, what they're shooting at and beyond," said Sussenbach.

Rifle deer season will begin on Monday and will last for about two weeks, and game officials say turn-out this year is expected to be very high!