Fourth Annual Santa Speedo Run

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BERWICK -- Runners took to their marks for the 4th annual Santa Speedo Run in Columbia County.

Dozens of participants wore their holiday best, from santa shorts, to tutus, to undies, and this bright green spandex outfit.

Even the naked cowboy made an appearance with his cowboy boots and his guitar.

Most runners we spoke with said it's all in good fun for a good cause.

"To raise the money, and when else do you get to wear a big stocking?" said Clarissa Lawrence, a runner.

"So it's a lot of fun, a lot of commaraderie and having a good time and taking a bit of a break from a disease that affects way too many people," said Dolly Woody, a supporter.

"It's a lot of fun, a lot of people get into it so I figured it's a good year to start and if it snows well that will just add to the effect," said Bri Winter, a runner.

The one mile Santa Speedo Run, took off through the downtown streets of Berwick.

Participants raised money for the northeastern Pennsylvania chapter of the Susan G. Komen foundation.

Organizers say, over the last 3 years the run has raised almost $40,000!

It attracts people from all walks of life.

"Everybody comes out, it's literally fun for the entire family, we have kids here that are four, five years old, we have individuals here in their early 70's and a lot of them participate in the run," said Kevin Seely, an organizer.

"Have fun! It's great seeing all these people have fun and for a good cause!" said Jack Mihalik, a runner.

And for those who have survived breast cancer, this run means more than anything.

Coming together to show support for those who have struggled with the disease, who still struggle today, and for those who have beaten it.

"It's such an encouragement so many people came out, all different sizes and shapes, it's amazing and the funds that we raise saves women's lives," said Danielle Busch, a runner.