Black Friday too Early for Some

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As one of the biggest shopping days is upon us, some people are not buying the earlier hours this year.

While the turnout is still enormous at stores in the Poconos, some people will tell you no deal is worth cutting Thanksgiving short.

A sea of cars fills the parking lot at the Crossings Premium Outlets in Tannersville as crowds of people, many with bags-in-hand, fill the sidewalks and stores.

Many are searching for the best bargain.

"I got onesies for the baby and a shirt for my granddaughter who is only 16 months," said Anne Fair of Canada.

"I have an eleven year old daughter and all she thinks about is shopping," said Louis Decibus of New Jersey.

"It's a tradition. You know what I'm saying? And it's not just the shopping, it's coming here, it's the people, it's emotional," said Angelita Thomas of Puerto Rico.

Then there are the die-hard bargain bandits, like a two sisters we met, who have shirts to prove it.

"It says if you're looking at me, I just got the last one," said Holly Roller of New Jersey, "Oh it's true, I always get the last ones."

Traditionally, Black Friday would always start at midnight, but as it seems in recent years, the time to bag those bargains has gotten earlier and earlier. However, some shoppers said they are sticking to tradition, when it comes to grabbing those deals.

"I think that it's horrible, I think it's part of society's breaking down of the family. I do not think it should be on Thanksgiving Day. I think family should be home," said Tonia Hrynoweski of New Jersey.

Even for the sisters who are "die-hard shoppers", there isn't a deal that can beat spending time with the ones you love.

"I won't leave on Thanksgiving, unless it's online. I'm not leaving the fam on Thanksgiving, can't do it, man," said Roller.

"I don't like the idea at all, it's crazy, you can shop anytime of the week, I think," said Decibus.

While that is true, the things that may not be anytime of the week are the deals, the crowds and the packed parking lot.