Big Day at the Box Office

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WILKES-BARRE -- It wasn’t just stores that saw big crowds on Black Friday, it was also a blockbuster day for movies too.

Thanksgiving weekend is traditionally a hot time at the box office and people were expected to flock to theaters for new releases.

RC Theaters Movies 14 in downtown Wilkes-Barre had kicked-off its busy movie season, and manager of the theater, T.J. Baloga, said it wasn’t just a Black Friday thing.

“The holiday seasons are definitely the busiest times. Thanksgiving was busy, and we expect it to be this busy through Christmas,” said Baloga.

A lot of out-of-towners who had visited family and friends for Thanksgiving, either finished up their Black Friday shopping early, or wanted nothing to do with stores on a busy day.

Barry McGee from Virginia told Newswatch 16 why he went to the movies that Friday:

“To avoid the shopping. I do my shopping online, and I want to keep it that way,” said McGee.

“I'm going to see Breaking Dawn.  I've seen all the other ones.  I'm here to enjoy it with my family,” said Linda Orlandini from Harrisburg.

The most excited movie-goer of all was Ender Young, a nine-year-old from Virginia. He and his family had been waiting to see a new film, The Rise of the Guardians.

“It's about all the guardians who have to protect all the little children from this guy, who is using dark magic or whatever, to save the holiday. It's like black and stuff,” said Young.

Ender's mom said he wants to be an actor when he grows up.

Perhaps we'll be watching him on the big screen next Black Friday.