Matt McGloin’s Career Ending at Penn State

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It is time for West Scranton grad Matt McGloin to take his final snaps as quarterback for Penn State. As he plays in his final game Saturday, McGloin will leave a mark on Penn State like no quarterback in the Nittany Lions' long history.

McGloin's four touchdown passes last week helped the West Scranton High School grad set a school record for career touchdowns, and that's only one of seven Penn State quarterback records he has set.

Matt's two biggest supporters have been there to watch it all.

Mom and dad, Paul and Cathy McGloin, packed the car Friday for their last trip to watch him play at PSU, very emotional that his career as a Lion is ending.

"As a father, I just wish every father could experience the feeling I'm experiencing, it's unbelievable," said Matt's dad, Paul McGloin.

The walls of the McGloin house in West Scranton show five years of memories. From the headline when Matt went from walk-on to scholarship player to the photo of him entering the stadium before winning Joe Paterno's 409th victory and last game.

Paterno gave McGloin a shot and his dad and mom know Matt certainly made the most of it. He had to battle through quarterback competitions, a scandal that rocked the university and other challenges, but emerged as a record-setting QB.

"I shouldn't say I can't believe it, but I know how hard he works and how much he wanted it and he never gave up and I said to him, years ago I would have quit.  I don't think I could have done it," said Matt's mom, Cathy.

"The past couple days I've been very emotional about it. He didn't go there with all these accolades, he didn't go there as a five-star quarterback. He went there and just clawed and clawed year in and year out to accomplish what he did," added Paul.

Matt McGloin is part of a special senior class at Penn State, one that experienced many ups and downs.

The McGloins are taking signs of support for all of them. Two thousand signs printed by PDQ Print Center in Scranton saying "Legends, Every one of you." The company printed blown up photo heads of Matt and some seniors to hold up at the game too.

A special tribute is planned at the game to all the seniors that stayed with the Nittany Lions despite the scandal and chance to leave, but when their senior walks off the field, it will be tough for the McGloins.

"I'll probably be the last one to leave Beaver Stadium tomorrow," said Paul. "I've always said that. It's just been an incredible, incredible ride," said Paul.

"We'll be dragging Paul out of the stands," said Cathy.  "It will be tough, it will be tough, but you know what, sometimes when you're ready to move on you're ready to move on to the next level so we'll see, we'll see what happens."

As the McGloins headed out on their journey to Penn State Friday, the sign on their front door said "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

They know the amazing Matt McGloin story is likely far from over.

"We just hope and pray that he at least gets a look at the next level," said Paul. "He just said, 'I just want to get my foot in the door. If I get my foot in the door I can prove myself at the next level.'"

With so many records, he certainly proved himself at Penn State.