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Salvation Army Serves Up Thanksgiving Dinner in Pottsville

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POTTSVILLE - The Salvation Army in Pottsville served up its annual Thanksgiving dinner.

Stirring up the mashed potatoes and putting the final touches on the table, young volunteers in Schuylkill County say they couldn't see spending Thanksgiving any other way.

Skylar Hughes of Frackville has been helping serve the Pottsville Salvation Army's annual Thanksgiving meal for several years now and loves every minute.

"Everybody gets so happy when they get served and they just want somebody to talk to," says Hughes.

Aaron Sierra also helps to serve the more than 150 people each year. He comes all the way from Allentown to give back to the community with his family.

"Me and my grandfather, we come, like, every year," Sierra says, "so, this has been a pretty good experience."

About eight turkeys were roasted, and trays of each and every Thanksgiving staple could be found filling the tables, giving people a meal they might not enjoy otherwise.

The people sharing in this Thanksgiving meal here in Pottsville say the turkey, the stuffing, the gravy is all delicious, but the best part is the people.

"I'm just thankful that I have friends to share dinner with since I have no family," says Raymond Poppich of Pottsville.

Joseph Borinsky of Pottsville says he would probably just be eating a sandwich today if it weren't for the volunteers here in Pottsville. He is thankful this meal is close by.

"I don't have far to go," Borinsky tells Newswatch 16. "It's easy from where I live to come here. I can't walk good, so I come over here."

But, he says it doesn't hurt that the food just tastes so good.