Knights of Columbus Thanksgiving Dinner

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DANVILLE - A Thanksgiving tradition in Montour County is in its 29th year. The Knights of Columbus in Danville held a holiday feast for the community. 

Around 100 people gathered at Saint Joseph's school in Danville for a Thanksgiving Day feast.

"Me and my mom and my sister and her husband, we come to this every year," said Patty Fox of Bloomsburg.

For the 29th straight year, the Knights of Columbus in Danville held a Thanksgiving dinner in Montour County.  It's a traditional meal of turkey and all the fixings.  

Volunteers served around 100 guests and prepared more than 100 takeouts.

"We have some of the older people who don't feel they have the energy to make a big dinner, and their kids aren't coming home," Paul Seif of the Knights of Columbus said. "And, we have people who work at Geisinger Medical Center, and it's hard for them to make a big Thanksgiving meal."

There was plenty of food to go around.  Twenty-two turkeys, 140 pounds of mashed potatoes and 35 homemade pies.

Beverly Chermesky of Bloomsburg was grateful to sit down to dinner with friends. Her boyfriend passed away last year.

"I'm thankful to be out here with my friends since I'm alone now," said Chermesky. "It saves me from cooking."

For others, the Thanksgiving dinner in Danville is a way to give back and enjoy good food at the same time.

"We help out by donating to the Knights a turkey and other ways that we can help," said Charles Billet of Danville, "then we usually come and have a meal with everybody."