Buona Pizza Thanksgiving Day Meal

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SCRANTON - Lots of people are giving thanks on this holiday.

In Lackawanna County, one pizza shop owner says he wanted to thank his customers and the community that has helped him and his shop be so successful.

Buona Pizza in Scranton held its annual free Thanksgiving day meal, to help out all those in need.

Vegetables, yams, and some beef, and with an Italian family, you can't forget the delicious pasta, and of course the turkey!

This is the fourth year for Buona Pizza's free Thanksgiving day meal in Scranton.

All to help those in need, or those who need a little extra help during the holidays.

"I think it's a good day, I think they're doing a really good job, really nice things, and I appreciate it, and I hope everyone else appreciates it too," says Anthony Rodriguez of Scranton.

Buona Pizza owner Giovanni Piccolino has been cooking up a feast for the past several years.

He says dozens of folks stop by for a bite to eat throughout the day.

He makes sure he has all the traditional parts of the Thanksgiving day meal.

The turkey, the cranberry jelly, some rolls fresh from the oven, and lots of desserts.

Piccolino's mother, Patricia Piccolino, says she's very proud of her son, and jokes that he learned all the cooking from her.

And even with all this delicious food, Piccolino says folks also come in for his famous pizza pies.

"There are people who are going to ask for pizza, and I'll probably end up making pizza too, believe it or not they'll ask," says Giovanni Piccolino, owner of Buona Pizza.

Piccolino says he feeds dozens of folks with the home cooked meals each year, and he feeds several more with boxed meals he delivers and he does so to say thank you.

"We're just thankful for them over the years of supporting our business. If you make a difference in one person's life, that's perfect for me, one, ten, twenty, whatever, I hope it's busy all day long," says Piccolino.

Buona Pizza has been serving and delivering the Thanksgiving meal for almost 5 years now, and Piccolino says he hopes to do so for the next several years to come.