Berwick Run for the Diamonds

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BERWICK -- More than 1,700 people raced in the Berwick Run for the Diamonds. The race is a staple on Thanksgiving in Columbia County.

"It's a Berwick tradition. I love seeing everyone in it, and I get to run with my sister. It's just fun," Lillian Carlin of Berwick said.

"It's a good time. I run it with my friends and stuff, and once a year I'll run," Kyle Myhre of Catawissa said.

The Berwick Run for the Diamonds is a nine-mile race that starts on Market Street in Berwick.

It is in its 103rd year. The top finishers win diamonds, but many people say that is not why they do it.

"Just love getting out there and doing it. It's fun to see all your friends out there doing it. Even if you're not in shape to do it, the crowd keeps you going the whole way," Bridget Carlin of Berwick said.

Pam Copenhaver thought the weather was perfect to cheer on her son as he raced for the diamonds.

"Our son is at the Naval Academy in Maryland, so he came home just to run this. We're going to have Thanksgiving later on," Copenhaver said.

It's not just people from northeastern and central Pennsylvania who run for the diamonds. People from all over the country and more than 100 runners from Canada were also here.

"We came in a van load of six. That's actually the smallest group we've brought. Some of the guys have been here for 20 years; this is my fifth. It's one of the best races going," Rick Hellard said.

The race winner, Derek Nakluski, is also from up north.

"I've done well in races, and any time you can beat the competition, it's always a good feeling," Nakluski said.

Many of the runners say they look forward to going home and eating lots of turkey. After nine miles, they earned it!