Resort Prepping to Feed Hundreds

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POCONO TOWNSHIP -- As many households are starting to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner Thursday, one group of cooks has been getting ready since last week.

That's because they'll be feeding hundreds.

The tables are being set inside the dining room at the Inn at Pocono Manor near Mount Pocono all in preparation for the resorts largest crowd coming to eat Thanksgiving dinner.

"We'll be serving over 900 guests tomorrow, lots of turkeys, a lot of stuffing," said Lisa Green, the general manager at the Inn at Pocono Manor.

Inside the kitchen, the executive chef and other kitchen staff are busy prepping food for the large Thanksgiving Day feast.

It's a task the chef said takes a lot of planning.

"I started last Friday, Saturday, starting to order some of the items, like the turkeys. If you don't order in advance, you may not have it," said Lino Pereira, the executive chef at the Inn at Pocono Manor.

Speaking of turkeys, the chef will be preparing 100 turkeys, which will all go in a large oven that rotates the birds for hours.

By 5 a.m. the kitchen will be buzzing with activity. That's also when the turkeys will be going into the oven.

About ten people will be helping out and of course, if you're serving more than 900 Thanksgiving Day meals, can there really be too many chefs in the kitchen? We spotted staff slicing up squash, preparing roasted vegetables, and sautéing eggplant on the stove.

"As soon as we have the prep done, tomorrow will be easy. It will be just putting the food out, and serving 900," said Pereira.

There are still spots available at the dinner table for Thanksgiving dinner at the Inn at Pocono Manor near Mount Pocono if you're looking for a place to celebrate the holiday.