Last-Minute Grocery Shoppers

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BLOOMSBURG -- Folks were making a mad dash to the grocery store to get some last-minute items for their Thanksgiving dinner. The day before Thanksgiving is almost like "Black Friday" for grocery stores, according to Weis Markets in Bloomsburg.

"It's busy today," said Peg Carl.

Weis Markets in Bloomsburg was filled with people picking up good eats, to make some good treats for Thanksgiving dinner.

"I'm getting a turkey, I'm getting pumpkin to make a pie. Rolls, red beets, and string beans for the other vegetable," said Carl.

Almost everyone walking by had a turkey in their carts. Weis Markets expects to sell around 3 million pounds of turkey between now and December.

Patricia Girton picked up a 20 pound bird and a lot of other things!

"I always have a lot of people for Thanksgiving, so you have to be prepared for the pies, turkey, cranberry sauce, the whole works," said Girton.

Some shoppers, like Maria Englart of Bloomsburg, did their shopping early this year.

"I don't do things at the last-minute. I'm the kind of person who likes to do things ahead of time," said Englart.

Maria stopped by Weis Markets to pick up a few things she forgot.

"I missed a little bit more of my fruits to decorate the table and the potatoes for mashed potatoes," said Englart.

Weis Markets had all of its check-out lines open, and most of its stores will be open until 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, for the last, last-minute grocery shoppers!