Children Donate to Feed a Friend Campaign

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Sometimes big things come in small packages, and kids in Williamsport sure proved that.

The children donated enough food to fill a "feed a friend" barrel and then some at the Children's Development Center along West Edwin Street.

“I’ve seen this advertised around. I thought it'd be a good way to teach the children how to help other people,” said Renita Rogers, a teacher at the Children Development Center.

Rogers asked the three and four year olds to bring in canned and boxed foods to help feed people in the community.

“Every day we kind of talk about it when they bring in food -- where it goes and why did we bring it, it's exciting. Every time they brought in food they got to run down the hallway and stick it in the barrel. They were proud of themselves, pat on the back for them as well as everyone else," said Rogers.

The food was distributed to people in need in the community, and folks with the American Rescue Workers said it was a great lesson for people of any age to learn.

“It was exciting to get here and to see these young kids. I think it's important to start them young, to be a giver, to give back and help people in the community,” said Kevin Carroll from the American Rescue Workers.

The food donated by these little boys and girls and their families even helped to feed the homeless at a men's shelter in Williamsport.

American Rescue workers had collected more than 2,000 pounds of food from 36 "feed a friend" barrel locations in the Williamsport area.