80,000 Christmas Trees Auctioned Off

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EAST BUFFALO TOWNSHIP -- Christmas trees by the bundle were sold to the highest bidder. At the buffalo valley produce auction near Mifflinburg.  Organizers say this is the biggest Christmas tree auction in the world and people came to Union County from all over the east coast.

"Actually I'm from Milford, Delaware and it took me four hours to get here," said Tim Brotman.

The Christmas trees were auctioned off in bulk so buyers paid between $8.00 and $25.00 per tree.

"You can get them in 25, 50, 75, 100.  There's different varieties like the Douglas, the Fraziers, the Concolor," said Brotman.

"The boy scouts in Mifflinburg sell them.  (We are looking to get) 200 to 250," said Scott Leitzel, of Mifflinburg.

"I was here Sunday.  I was here Saturday with my daughter and son-in-law.  We spread out and find what we're looking for," said John Boyer, of Stonington.

John Boyer owns a Christmas tree farm near Sunbury.

"I have trees that are just about where I want them to be, but I'm just buying a couple extra.  I'm looking for Frazier Fir, probably about 100 of them to top off what I already have," said Boyer.

"It's not just Christmas trees that are being auctioned off, people also have the opportunity to bid on wreathes and other holiday decorations.

"What we sell at our farm is that same idea.  I don't want plastic things, i want real wooden things.  It was a nice find for us," said Jim Sansone, of New Jersey.

More than 250 buyers came to Union County for the auction.  Most of the 80,000 trees that were up for auction here will soon be adorning homes all over the east coast.