Rifle Bear Season Underway in PA

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Hunters all over Pennsylvania have been trying to get a black bear in their sights since Saturday. Some got what they set out for in Lycoming and Clinton Counties.

The rifle black bear season is only two days old, and hunters across the state have already harvested more than 1,000 bears.

Add one more, here at the game commission's bear check station near Jersey Shore. This bruin is Shawn Parr's second in eight years.

Parr said he was on his stand northeast of Lock Haven for about an hour when the bear crossed his path.

"I heard some rustling around, I thought it was a guy coming through next I saw a little black, I was in the tree stand, stopped 10 yards from me and that was that," Parr said.

His bear weighed in at 158 pounds and Parr was satisfied enough to call it quits and head home with his trophy.

"I'm done, go back up and get ready and leave tomorrow morning, mission accomplished, yes," Parr said.

The number of bears harvested locally is just about where it is every year, said Cliff Guindon, a Wildlife Conservation Officer Supervisor with the PA Game Commission who hopes hunters stay out there.

"We would hope to see more, we hope this weather has a lot of guys out in the woods and we'll start to see those numbers climb tonight," Guindon said.

Every year, Lycoming County and Clinton County vie for the most bear kills in a season, this year it looks Lycoming County's hunters could repeat. So far they have more bears killed than Clinton County.

Bear season ends Wednesday one half hour after sun down.