Bringing Back the Bakery Tradition

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A bakery in Luzerne County that does most of its business online has opened its doors for the upcoming holidays.

Buttonwood Bakery in Luzerne County opened its doors for business this past Sunday for the holidays.

During the year, the bakery does most of its business online, but during the holiday season, customers get a special treat when the business in Hanover Township opens its doors to the public.

"Well we learned online that this place was open a few days before Thanksgiving, so for us this was the natural place to come. As soon as we found it was open we trotted over here as fast as we could," said Marita Gaydos from Ashley.

The Buttonwood bakery on Sans Souci Parkway is known for its specialty rolls such as poppy, nut, prune, cheese and apricot. But when the holidays come around, and the doors open, the workers start making all of their Thanksgiving and Christmas treats.

"I have a full line of all the specialty items. The poppy nut, pies, cookies, Christmas cookies, anise cookies all specialty items for Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter," said Owner George Kempinski.

For some people the Thanksgiving tradition has to include actually going into the bakery and seeing and smelling all the wonderful pastries.

"We I came in and saw the anise cookies, which is like a childhood tradition with us, it was like I found gold. Really I couldn't have gotten into anything more than this fulfilling. For me this is what Thanksgiving is all about," Gaydos added.

If you would like to get your hands on some of these homemade tasty holiday treats, their doors will be open till Wednesday. If you can't make it then, you're in luck. Buttonwood bakery had decided to open on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and again from December 1-24.