Another Fire In Mocanaqua

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MOCANAQUA---A double-block home on Railroad Street in Mocanaqua caught fire just before 3 p.m. Monday afternoon.

Fire officials said it was vacant and had no electricity hooked up.

It is the third fire in Mocanaqua in recent weeks.

All were in vacant buildings, damaged during the 2011 floods.

The first two have been ruled arson.

The fire chief said everyone in the area is on edge.

Chief Stephen McDaniels lives close to one of the recent fires.

"Living in fear. It's kind of, it's a little too close to home. Not only do I worry about my house but I have to worry about whoever is doing this too," said Chief McDaniels.

A vehicle fire and building fire in nearby Shickshinny were also ruled arson recently.

"It's getting kind of scary I hope they find out who did it, 'cause it seems like they're hitting abandoned houses and stuff. It's not funny because we've got one here, one here one over there, you know there's a lot of them," said Mocanaqua resident Paul Schuckers pointing to vacant homes near his residence.

Michelle Dzoch lived in the building that burned Monday, until it was damaged by flood waters last year.

"It's getting nerve-wracking because I've got three empty buildings right nearby me, I don't know what to expect anymore and I've got grandbabies living with me now, so," she said.

Mocanaqua officials are urging anyone with information on the fires to contact them immediately.

"One of us could get hurt doing this you know, so just crazy," said Chief McDaniels.