Resorts Gearing Up for Thanksgiving

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CANADENSIS -- Resorts in the Poconos are starting to gear up for Thanksgiving next week.

They expect this year to be a good one and at least one resort said they're anticipating a sell-out.

The tables are set, the kitchen is calm and the beds are made.

You can call it the calm before the Thanksgiving Day rush at Skytop Lodge in Canadensis.

Staff are doing a lot of behind the scenes work to make sure their guests get a Thanksgiving they won't forget.

"We're probably going to sell 1,200 orders of turkey on Thanksgiving. We buy 300 pounds of boneless breast only and another 300 pounds of turkeys we roast," said Stevan Sundberg, the resort's executive chef.

"We do have about 50 pumpkin pies ready to go. They just have to get baked off. Apple pies, we have about 50 pounds of apples sliced. We just have to make the filling," said Christa Kuhar, Skytop's Executive Pastry Chef.

"Some of the families that are coming are 15 to 30 people. We have to designate areas and find out what time they like to eat. Some we have to set up rooms to have a buffet type meal," said Skytop Dining Room Manager Kevin McDevitt.

Staff said one of the most important parts to offering a great Thanksgiving experience is a great room to stay in.

"Look at this, look at this. Nice and clean. Beautiful. Nice and clean, waiting for our guests," said Adriana Popa, the housekeeping manager at Skytop Lodge, while showing off a clean bathroom.

Right now, staff is in the process of deep cleaning the entire hotel.

"We have 193 rooms", said Popa, who explained she expects everyone to book next week.

Popa isn't wasting any time preparing the rooms. Her and her staff are busy getting all the rooms ready for the families.

"Oh I'm ready. I work side by side with my employees. There's no doubts. I just put my hands in there and do whatever it takes," said Popa.

There are still spots available for dinner and lodging at Skytop Lodge in Canadenisis and other area resorts in the Poconos.