State Police Investigating Bear Creek Break-Ins

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BEAR CREEK TOWNSHIP -- State police said they are investigating at least seven burglaries in Bear Creek Township over the last month.

State police want folks in Bear Creek to be on the lookout for an older model, tan or gold, four-door sedan, a vehicle seen leaving the scene of one of the break-ins.

"It's horrible. These kids, probably from down in the city, they come over here and it's easy pickings. Everyone works so there's nobody home to stop them," said Richard Schweit of Bear Creek Township.

State police said the victims had jewelry and other valuables stolen and had a door or window smashed to gain entrance. Most of these burglaries are happening in broad daylight while the homeowners are away at work.

Schweit said his neighborhood has been hit in the past.

"Takes a lot of moxie to hit during the day. Especially since you would think people could see them, they just don't care. They have a need and they don't want to work. They just want to rob from other people," added Schweit.

Schweit said the latest rash of break-ins has just about everyone in his neighborhood on high alert.

"If we see someone who's not supposed to be here, of course we're going to be more diligent and ask them what they are doing. A lot of us have dogs and guns so if they hit the wrong house, shaking the dice buddy, That's all I've got to tell you," said Schweit.

State police want anyone with information on the break-ins to call them at 570- 697-2000.