Students Feast on Thanksgiving Meal

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FAIRVIEW TOWNSHIP -- A decades old tradition continued today at one elementary school in Luzerne County.

Third graders feasted on a Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings at Fairview Elementary School in Mountaintop.

The kids also learned the real meaning of the holiday.

Dozens of third graders at Fairview Elementary School lined up for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey Day comes early this time of year at the school and all for a good cause.

The guests of honor spoke to the children about homelessness.

Sister Catherine McGroarey works at the Catherine McCauley house, a homeless shelter in Plymouth for women and children.

"I think they`ll be grateful for their parents and their family and all that they have, and they`ll be conscious of some little children not having that," said Sister McGroarey.

Third grader Myatalia Barna said she wants to help the homeless when she's older.

"I felt sad because I wanted to help them, but I`m still a kid so I know I can`t. I want to tell people details of how I can donate," said Barna.

This is the 25th year for the Thanksgiving dinner for all the third graders at Fairview Elementary School. Each year a different speaker comes to the school and talks to the children about the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

"It`s awesome. The kids love it. It`s a great experience. The best part is we always try to pick someone we honor, and it teaches the kids what Thanksgiving is all about," said Laura Brogna, a teacher at the elementary school.

This year's message seemed to work because the children promised to share all the extra food with the women and children at the Catherine McCauley House.