Break-ins in Broad Daylight

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CATAWISSA -- Homes throughout the Catawissa area have become targets for burglars in Columbia County. Police said the first two break-ins happened in Franklin Township and the latest was in Catawissa borough, all in broad daylight.

Locust Township Police Chief Allen Breach said there are no leads just yet, but they have their eye out for more than one person

"They're pretty bold, probably pretty organized, more than one person involved where they could either drop one or two people off and another one will be ready to pick them up later," said Chief Breach.

Right now the chief said the burglars have taken more than $5,000 worth of valuables from the homes. They've gotten away with jewelry, coins, computers, social security information and a .32 caliber hand gun. Twice the burglars walked straight through unlocked doors. Many people said that's all too common in this area.

"Nobody ever locked their doors around here. It's always been a safe community, and there has never been really a lot of people stealing and stuff around here, but now it seems to be getting more and frequent," said Edith Shoffler of Catawissa.

Police said people who live in these rural areas need to keep their doors locked and their eyes and ears open, to make sure they don't become the next target. Many people said they're already taking these precautions.

"I lock my doors and windows, yep," said Sue Thomas of Catawissa.

Meanwhile Catawissa Police Chief Anthony Kopitsky said they're keeping their eyes out for the stolen property.

"We're still watching the pawn shops, coin shops in the local area for the missing items," said Chief Kopitsky.

"But also if you see anything suspicious, call us. Call your local police department, that's what we're here for," said Chief Breach.