Boscov’s Getting Out of Appliance Business

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Big changes are coming to Boscov's department stores. The stores will soon no longer sell major appliances and electronics.

Boscov’s is known as a chain that sells a bit of everything, but after the holidays TVs, refrigerators, washers and dryers will not be on that list.

It's a change that surprises a lot of shoppers.

A Boscov's store manager, some employees, and a head of the major appliance department confirmed appliances are being phased out at all stores.

“I think it's terrible. I can't believe it because they had such terrific prices and the quality was always there,” said Sandy Manley of Scranton.

Manley shops at Boscov's all the time and likes how you can find a little bit of everything for sale.

For decades that has included major appliances such as TVs, washers, dryers and more.

At least one major appliance employee expects to lose his job and said others will too.

“That's a shame, that's a shame because this is very affordable, very affordable prices," said Teresa Rospigliosi of Scranton.

A lot of the electronics in Rospigliosi's house came from Boscov's.

“I bought three TVs. I bought a refrigerator. I bought a stove. I bought everything here!” said Rospigliosi.

Boscov's employees said a circular in this Sunday's paper will tell more about the phasing out of the major appliance and electronics department and any sale information. The department will be gone after Christmas.

Shopping in the rest of the store is expected to continue as normal. However, shoppers will miss part of the variety the store is known for.

“Their deals, they are really good, so it's really shocking. Their deals at Boscov's for all their electronics (are) real good,” said James Jefferson of Scranton.

No one from Boscov's corporate office in Reading would give us any more information on the decision. They didn't return our calls seeking a reason why major appliances and electronics are being phased out.