Adopting to Keep Kids in the Family

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SUNBURY -- Some families in Northumberland County got a little larger Wednesday.

Ten children were adopted, officially becoming someone's son or daughter and in some of the cases the adoptions were all in the family.

Little did some of the kids realize, but Monday was a monumental day in their lives. It was the day they were adopted.

By the end of the third annual Adoption Day in Northumberland County, ten children officially had new parents.

In the case of four siblings, two boys and two girls, their aunts and uncles are the ones adopting them.

"She's our niece, and we basically wanted to keep her in our family," said Angela Hosterman.

Angela and Jeremy Hosterman already have three boys. Gracie is their first girl. She is no longer a niece, now she is the couple's first daughter.

"It's different, I'm used to trucks and dirt and now there's pink all over the house," said Jeremy Hosterman.

As for Gracie's brothers and sister, their great-aunt and uncle are taking them in, adopting them all at one time.

Skip and Becky Messner of Lykens said the kids have to stay in the family.

"It's all about the kids," said Skip Messner.

"They need to be together, they are meant to be together, God put them together," added Becky Messner.

No matter if it is blood that brings the new families together or the love parents have to offer, Judge William Wiest knows through adopting children of his own there are always kids who need a family.

"All they need is an appropriate family, and a loving home, and they'll do fine," said Judge Wiest.