Taste Test: Gingerbread Oreos

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SCRANTON -- While students at the University of Scranton are studying, as the end of the semester draws near, many of their minds are on New York and New Jersey where many are still struggling after hurricane Sandy swept through.

"I'm here going about my business, my daily life. Electricity, studying in the library and I want to give back and do something anyway I can while I'm here at the University," said physical therapy student Nina Pettyjohn, of Monmouth County, New Jersey.

These students have organized drives for Sandy victims. Everything from cleaning supplies to school supplies is being collected.

"Anything we can try to do to get them to refocus on what's right in front of them and just that second home right there in school we can have the school supplies ready and available for them so they can continue to grow," said Brianna Reigstad, an education major from Sparta, New Jersey.

Because these students are giving back, we decided to give them some holiday cheer in the form of Gingerbread Oreos, Nabisco's newest creation in the seemingly endless line of Oreo varieties.

Two words sum up our testers' opinions of the Gingerbread Oreos: pleasantly surprised!

"They're really good," said Pettyjohn. "The inside was a little sweet, but it was delightful."

"I was actually really surprised.  I was like, 'Ew gingerbread, I don't know,' but it was actually really good. I would definitely buy them and my apartment mates love food so I'll show them these and they'll love them," said Reigstad.

"I was expecting the cookie to be gingerbread. The icing's a little bit sweet for me. But I mean it's good, I would eat it," said Chelsea Skalkowski of Cedarbrook, New Jersey.

"This is really good, they did a really good job of capturing the gingerbread taste in an Oreo cookie," said senior Brian McAvoy, of Randolph, New Jersey.

"I was not sure what to expect. I was not expecting the icing to be gingerbread flavored.  That's probably my favorite part," said senior Billy Thomsen, of Bethlehem.

Many of the drives at the University of Scranton are going on through Thanksgiving.

For more information on the drives click here.

You can get a package of Gingerbread Oreos at Walmart for $2.98.