Rash of Arson in Mocanaqua, Shickshinny

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SHICKSHINNY -- This house on Main Street in Mocanaqua went up in flames just yesterday next door to a house that burned down a few weeks ago, and early this morning, two more fires sparked in Shickshinny. Those fires have now been ruled arson.

Neighbors said they hope the fires stop soon.

Smoking, blackened and undrivable; this is how the car of the Shickshinny mayor's son looked after firefighters battled flames early in the morning.

Mayor Beverly Moore said this car fire, now ruled arson, was just the beginning.

"We heard some more commotion and the next thing was the house right down the street is engulfed in flames," said Shickshinny Mayor Beverly Moore.

Just as she was going back to bed, she says this vacant house a block away on North Susquehanna Avenue went up in flames.

"My biggest concern right now is I hope they catch the guy that's setting these fires," said Harold Moss, who owns the home on North Susquehanna Avenue.

This house still reeks of fire and with the windows blown out and the glass shattered all over the floor, this fire was also ruled an arson.

It comes less than 24 hours after a house across the river on Main Street in Mocanaqua caught fire.

Holly Morris's aunt lives next door to the home.

"I think it's terrible, and I think we have a real problem on our hands. We need to vamp up our police department and the state police and get this under control," said Morris, of Shickshinny.

On the other side of the house, yet another home that burned down a few weeks ago. That was ruled arson. Neighbors said they're wondering if the fires are connected, but Mayor Moore in Shickshinny is worried she may be a target.

"What idiot would set the car on fire in front of the mayor's house? I mean that to me is if you're trying to make a point, point taken," said Mooire.

The state police fire marshal is still investigating these fires. They have no suspects yet. No arrests made, but the good thing here is that no one was injured in any of these fires.