“Stuff the Truck” for Sandy Victims

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POINT TOWNSHIP--All around our viewing area people are helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy. A supermarket in Northumberland County is collecting groceries and cleaning supplies for people in New Jersey.

Surplus Outlet near Northumberland is asking customers to buy extra groceries this week. The supermarket is hoping to get enough donations by the end of this week to fill a tractor trailer.

The shelves at Surplus Outlet near Northumberland are filled with cleaning supplies. The supermarket's vice president Justin Michaels hopes customers throw a few extra in their carts this week...to donate to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

"They're looking for new socks, water, non-perishable food, hygiene, cleaning supplies, and any monetary donations as well," Michaels said.

Surplus Outlet will load all the donations into a truck...hence the name "Stuff the Truck". The donations will go to Red Bank, New Jersey, an area that was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

"I have extended family that lives in that area and I saw firsthand the stories that are being told with all the damage and losing power for days. Just figured if there's any way we can help out let's do it," Michaels said.

Surplus Outlet has bins like this in front of the store so that when people go through the check out line they can drop off their donations here.

"Food, non-perishable, wipes, diapers, what ever I can do to help," Melissa Hoy said.

Melissa Hoy and her daughter Ashley decided to put some extra items in their shopping cart this week to help the victims in New Jersey.

"They need the food and supplies and I enjoy coming here to get my groceries and anything I can do to help I would like to do that," Hoy said.

You can also donate items at the other Surplus Outlet stores in Berwick and Montgomery. The "Stuff the Truck" event lasts until Friday.