Perfect Timing: A Beautiful Day and A Day Off

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SCRANTON -- On street after street in Scranton there were kids outside playing.

Temperatures were in the 60s in mid-November and it was a day off from school.

A combination kids and parents were loving.

"Mother nature is so unpredictable I mean it's just such a beautiful day.  The kids woke up and asked me to get out their flip flops and shorts after just packing it all away.  It's a great treat for them especially with the day off," said Lori Barrett, of Scranton.

Lori Barrett's kids were just having fun with dirt but for her and many moms and dads, kids burning some energy outside is nice before the many months inside ahead.

They were looking for things to do and I just said go outside and play, it's a beautiful day!

At Marywood University classes were in session, but that didn't keep artist Erin McMahon inside. She was painting the last glimpses of fall.

"It's so nice I love it.  I wasn't expecting it get this nice out. But I'm really happy that it is," said Mcmahon, a Marywood University senior.

There was school in the Abingtons, so it was mostly the little kids out with parents at the South Abington park.

Even the young ones knew it was a nice day.

"My son said why can't we go to the park, I can never go anymore and I just thought we should just stop by," said Lauren Monahan, of Clarks Summit.

The Corridonis had their pick of parks and chose this one. They had the day off from school in the Pittston Area.

"I really wanted to go outside a lot so I asked my mom if we could go to the park and she said yes," said Angelina Corridoni, of Pittston Township.

This was a day for young and old to be out and enjoying it. Johnson College students John Ansbach and Derek Buxton took advantage by playing basketball.

"It's crazy, I didn't think it would be like this in November.  I thought it would be snowing, but it's nice to be out," said Ansbach, of Tamaqua.

"I'm loving it. I wish it was like this every year, it's California weather," said Buxton, of Philadelphia.