ESU Students Defending Themselves

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- Many women students attending East Stroudsburg University are taking action after last month's abduction and two other attempted abductions of fellow students.

Since school began in August, police say there have been three incidents involving unidentified men trying to abduct female students.

"I'm really concerned.  Since I attend class, so I figured Dunkleberger's carries pepper spray. I figured I'd come and buy it and not get caught off guard on campus," said Marisela of Bushkill.

Last week, the school sent an e-mail, alerting the campus about the incidents.

In two of them, police say a female student was approached by someone and the female got away.

But police say one female says she was abducted, taken to a building and assaulted.

"You dont' know who's watching, if they're watching you on a daily basis. If you're coming in and out of class, you just don't know. I don't want to be that target," said Marisela.

Dunkleberger's Sports Outfitters says pepper spray sales have been very good, especially in the last week.

"We usually sell about 60 packages of Mace a month, on average. Since the story came out last week, about the recent abduction attempts at ESU, we sold about 60 in just the weekend," said Roy Horton of Dunkleberger's Sports Outfitters.

It's a purchase Marisela is glad she made, but hopes she'll never have to use.

"If I have to, than I have it. It's better off than not having anything on me if I was to get confronted by somebody," said Marisela.

Police say they are investigating and following up on tips but still have no suspects.