An Early Thanksgiving Thank You to our Veterans

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MCADOO -- Monday, was the day much of the nation marked Veterans Day.

In Schuylkill County, some area vets were served a hot meal by students from McAdoo Catholic School. It was the kids way of saying thanks.

Veterans gathered at the McAdoo Catholic Elementary School in Schuylkill County to be honored for their service, but also to receive an early Thanksgiving meal.

Students from the school served the vets, turkey, mashed potatoes and all the great Thanksgiving fixings, as their way of saying thank you for serving our Country.

"Well they served our country so why can't we give them something back?" said 7th grade student Kyle Kapish.

"It's nothing compared to what they've done for us so, wish we could do more," Kapish added.

Volunteer Karen Kuba, says this annual event is a true community effort.

"We have had Koch's turkey farm gave us a discount on our turkeys, the way we purchased the turkeys were parent donations. Then all of the baked goods were donated, and there was an assistant manager at Hometown Walmart that came over with her debit card as I was buying supplies and said this is for the veterans," said Karen Kuba.

As all the veterans sat down to enjoy their meals, they couldn't help but express how proud they were of the students and how much it all means to them.

"I deeply, deeply appreciate it. The World War Two ended many years ago as you all know, and to still remember us like this. We're thankful," said Retired Veteran Robert Campitell.

It was a full house at McAdoo Catholic School and with so many students eager to help serve, the veterans say they are truly touched.