School Counselor up for National Award

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MONTOURSVILLE -- In Lycoming County, a school counselor is up for a prestigious national award, the National Counselor of the Year.

Alice Weiler, a counselor for Loyalsock Valley Elementary in Montoursville, left Sunday morning for her interview in Washington, D.C., and some teachers, students, and friends gave her a surprise sendoff.

With a banner and several signs in hand, that read "shoot for the stars," and "you're a winner" students, teachers, and friends of Weiler sent her off to an interview in Washington D.C. that will decide if she is the next national counselor of the year.

“I am overwhelmed with honor and pride and this all boils down to two words, just being grateful for what I get to do every day,” said Weiler.

The principal said Weiler was recently awarded the Pennsylvania school counselor of the year award by the American School Counselor Association.

She is now one of five other counselors in the country going for the national title.

The principal said counselors are picked by their different ideas and programs that help students grow academically.

“Parents and the faculty, we're just amazed and so proud of her and just wish her the best and are fortunate to have her with us every day,” said Darrin Feerrarr, principal.

Students said Weiler deserves the national award because she helps them and always makes them happy.

“She's just a great counselor, and she's always there for us when we need her,” said Lydia Barber, a student.

“Whenever you're within five feet of her, you just have to smile,” said Ben Kutay, a student.

Weiler said having the chance to do what she does every day, already makes her number one.

“To try to make a difference in their lives in some way, if I've done that for one child, then no matter the outcome of this award, I am truly the winner,” said Weiler.

Weiler's national award interview is scheduled for Monday morning in Washington D.C.

Darrin Feerrarr