Saving Brooklyn, One Hoagie at a Time

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KINGSTON -- With a honk, they were off!  Off to help hundreds of hurricane Sandy victims one hoagie at a time.

"To take these hoagies to Coney Island, NY and feed 300 people. Do you know how amazing that is to feed 300 people!" said organizer Tina Gaydos.

Tina Gaydos, along with her friend and friend's daughter are loading up her car here in Kingston with hundreds of hoagies, snacks, bags of apples, gallons of water, and even pet food.

All to help those hardest hit by Sandy almost two weeks ago.

Gaydos said right after sandy, she made a donation to the red cross, but thought, that just wasn't enough.

"I was watching the news and I saw people eating out of the dumpster, I knew I had to do something more, even though I'm a stay-at-home mom and I didn't have much, I knew I had to do something," said Gaydos.

So she created a fan page on facebook called, "Saving Brooklyn, one hoagie at a time".

Gaydos said the word spread fast.

A local shop called "In The Sound" donated all the hoagies, people dropped off food and other items to her home.

And 1st and 2nd graders at Pittston Elementary Center made cards for Sandy victims.

11-year-old Mia Simon, who has been helping pack up the items, said seeing the destruction, made her sad.

"I feel bad for the people who got hit by Sandy because now they have no home, and nothing to eat, and nothing to sleep on," said Simon.

And Mia's mom said she hopes this effort will inspire others to do whatever they can to help.

"It makes me proud, she's a good kid and she knows what it means to feed all these people and for everybody to come together to feed all these people it will be a great experience," said Misty Simon.