Veterans Day Parade in Stroudsburg Saturday

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STROUDSBURG -- This weekend is Veterans Day and after a gap of 14 years, the men and women who fought for our country's freedom will be honored in Stroudsburg.

The borough's annual Veterans Day Parade is back.

The last time Main Street in Stroudsburg held a Veterans Day parade was back in 1998.

But thanks to members of the Monroe County Veterans Association, the parade is back to honor all the men and women who fought for our freedom.

"I think the veterans deserve to have a day where everyone can give them praise. Not that we shouldn't give them praise everyday.  But i think they do deserve to have a parade and have the whole town applaud them for what they do for this country," said Brooke Novak of Saylorsburg.

"I think it's great we're going to be recognizing all these fine men and women. After all this time it's about time we bring the veterans day parade back to Stroudsburg," said Josh Eikov of Stroudsburg.

Planning to resurrect the parade took months. But it's a mission that the vice president of the Monroe County veterans association is glad he accepted.

"Veterans Day Parades are set up to honor those that have fought for our nation's armed forces and those still serving today," said Lehy Kirchner, the Vice President of the Monroe County Veterans Association.

The nearly two-mile parade route starts at Stroudsburg High School, goes all the way down Main Street and ends in Dansbury Park in East Stroudsburg.

Nearly 300 people are participating and many of them are veterans.  Of course there is always room for more vets because after all, the parade is for them.

"It starts forming up at 10:30, step off time is at 1:00.  So get there anytime in between to walk. Just ask around, say 'I'd like to March' and someone will put you with somebody," said Glen Lippincott, the President of the Monroe County Veterans Association.

The parade steps off at 1:00 Saturday afternoon in front of Stroudsburg High School on Main Street.