Sending Supplies To Sandy’s Victims

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DICKSON CITY -- The gymnasium at the Dickson City Civic Center was bustling with activity Friday night as volunteers sorted and packaged supplies.

The donated items will soon be headed to victims of Sandy living in devastated areas of New York and New Jersey.

“Anything we thought could be used from now until these people can get their lives back together,” said Nicole Shotto. “Cleaning products, they need to clean their houses, diapers. Babies, there’s lots of babies out there, dog stuff, clothing, warm clothing.”

Shotto spearheaded the effort after seeing her boyfriend’s house in New Jersey.

She said a small post on the internet turned into an overwhelming response from people all over the area.

Many of the volunteers were students at Mid-Valley High School.

“I’m here for National Honor Society, but we also have student council here, Leo Club, the basketball team,” said senior Lindsey Evans. “We just thought it’s be good to give back to the people who lost so much.”

Along with helping to collect and sort all the donations, students at Mid-Valley High School actually raised $800 by paying to participate in a “Dress Down Day” at school.

They used that money to buy supplies at Sam’s Club.

There were even donations of a more personal touch.

Heart-felt letters were made by children are going with the supplies to boost spirit.

And many said it feel good to do something with so many out there having lost so much.

“For a great cause, to help all the people that are in worse situations that we are,” said Brian Bonczkiewicz of Dickson City. “It’s just great to do and feels great.”

The donations will be driven to the Goodwill Center in Queens, New York, then distributed to those in the affected areas of New York and New Jersey.