Insurance to Foot Bill for Damaged Downtown Bridge

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SCRANTON — The Moosic Street Bridge in Scranton will cost about $1 million to replace. Now, PennDOT officials and the businessman who says he’s responsible for the damage say insurance will pay for the work, at least in part.

Scranton businessman Bob Bolus spoke to the media yesterday to “clear the air” about the crash that police originally labeled as a hit and run.

Since Bolus admits it was one of his trucks that damaged the  Moosic Street Bridge last week, his insurance will help pay for it. Which is good news for PennDOT. But, police say their investigation isn’t over.

It’s been a week since a since a truck went under and overpass, wrecked a bridge, and rattled a city. PennDOT engineers said the Moosic Street Bridge was so damaged that this part needs to be replaced.

We now know that the truck, which police impounded last week, belongs to Scranton businessman Bob Bolus and was driven by one of his employees.

So, PennDOT officials say eventually Bolus’ insurance will foot the $1 million dollar bill for the new bridge.

“We know in the meantime, while we work with all the other agencies to figure out who pays for what, the bridge still needs to be fixed. Our goal is to get the emergency money up front, get the bridge fixed, and we will work with all the other agencies to get reimbursement later,” said James May of PennDOT.

PennDOT is getting to work on fixing the bridge, while police and prosecutors are still investigating the crash. Police say they’re not ready to file any charges.

Bolus, his driver, and his attorney contend the crash is not a hit and run, hat the driver didn’t know the truck damaged the bridge, and after the crash they didn’t do anything wrong.

But, sources close to the investigation say the crash was not properly reported. That, in fact, police called up Bolus first.

Police say there’s still a lot of digging to do. PennDOT officials are just happy that they can start digging knowing that the person responsible will help pay for it.

Police aren’t saying if they plan to charge Bob Bolus for his involvement. Bolus was convicted of insurance fraud earlier this year and is still on probation.