Carbon County Helping Friends in Sea Bright, NJ

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CARBON COUNTY - Superstorm Sandy's devastation is still being felt by many people throughout New York and New Jersey. Many communities right in our area are stepping up to help bring relief to the hardest hit areas.

In Summit Hill, this truck is packed with Clorox, cleaning supplies, bottled water, and more donations than you can count.

Kevin Steber says he's amazed at the community response this week to help his friends in Sea Bright, New Jersey, but more shocked at the devastation his friends are dealing with.

"I couldn`t believe my eyes, what was going on down there. I mean devastation, complete condominium houses knocked over, 20 feet of sand on their main streets, I couldn`t imagine what those people are going through," said Steber.

Ever since he organized this effort to help victims of Hurricane Sandy, people in Carbon County have been coming out to help in a big way.

"The donations just keep rolling in, just when we think there can`t possibly be anymore, another truck rolls in and as we speak there are more donations coming in the front door," said Summit Hill resident Franklin Clock.

Newswatch 16 was there as a truckload of donations arrived from Uline. Workers at that company say they just wanted to lend a hand.

"I think everybody in a way hurts and when you see something so devastating and horrible and those people lost everything, mankind I think the goodness does come out," said Uline employee Vera Blasko.

This 53 foot trailer that`s packed to the brim with donations will arrive in Sea Bright, New Jersey this weekend, but the work doesn`t stop there.

The Kovatch Organization, where Steber works, is loading up a trailer as well.

"We`re going to go down with them, there`s about 20 trucks lined up that need preventative maintenance service, so we`re going to go down and do that for them as a donation," said KME Director of Customer Service John Kovatch IV.

The Nesquehoning company is donating about $13,000 dollars worth of services, and the people say they can't wait to get into New Jersey and get to work.

"It`s literally ground zero and we`re going to get to go there and put shovels to sand and unload these things ourself and shake hands and hug and cry," said Clock.

Donations will be accepted through Friday night at 8p.m.  Any donations need to be packed tightly because space is becoming limited.