Taste Test: Special K Pastry Crisps

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If you're watching your weight, delicious baked goods like pastries are pretty much off limits.

Not anymore, say the makers of new Special K Pastry Crisps.

Kellogg's promises sweet satisfaction with these individual snacks.

The Shoppes at Montage in Lackawanna County was bustling with shoppers and coffee drinkers when Newswatch 16 stopped by.

So we put new Special K Pastry Crisps to the test, in Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Chocolatey Delight flavors.

Tom Odzana from Taylor said, "Just like brown sugar. I'm a big fan of brown sugar oatmeal and stuff. This tastes just like it."

The Pastry Crisps are just the latest in Special K's line of low-calorie snacks like granola bars, protein shakes and chips.

There are two pastry crisps in each pouch.

Each serving contains 100 calories, two grams of fat and seven grams of sugar.

Danielle Rinaldi from Scranton loves the other Special K low-calorie snacks and liked the new pastry crisps, too.

"They're awesome," said Rinaldi. "Really light and airy. Good chocolate taste in them."

We found a high school senior who just finished her senior portraits who also liked the chocolate crisps.

17-year-old Angelina Eddy from Tunkhannock said, "They're good. Very chocolaty."

But not everyone was ready to go out and buy a box of Pastry Crisps.

"Somewhat dry. The texture is kind of chalky. More like sawdust," said Ron Baux from Scranton.

We did find plenty of people who disagreed with our lone dissenter.

Krystal Worthington from Scranton said, "The chocolate's better. It gives you that sweet kick when you're looking for something sweet but you're trying to watch your calories. It's good."

Special K Pastry Crisps are also available in blueberry and strawberry flavors.

We found them for $2.78 a box at Walmart.

There are five wrapped packages with two crisps each in every box.