University of Scranton Helps Sandy Victims

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SCRANTON -- Hundreds of people in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania have put together collections, and sent trucks full of items to victims in both New York and New Jersey.

Now, with the latest wallop of snow, those affected are struggling more than ever to get back on their feet.

Students at the University of Scranton are joining in on the relief efforts.

Carts full of items for Hurricane Sandy victims were rolled in and dropped off at the DeNaples Center at the University of Scranton, all to help those hit hard by Sandy. A man from Dunmore said his family in New Jersey is struggling.

"It hurts, it really does, if everybody can pitch in, that would be great," said Donnie Benedict of Dunmore.

The donations come more than a week after Hurricane Sandy battered the Jersey shore and New York's downstate.

It ravaged some coastal towns, ripped apart homes and the boardwalk. It left behind destruction, and thousands without power.

Now to add insult to injury, a nor'easter left a foot of snow in some areas along the already battered coast.

"People are really hurt, like family friends of mine, they have nothing and it's really nice for them to help out," says Dillon Debenedetto, student at the University of Scranton.

The collection at the "U", Is part of this year's Diversity Fair on campus.

Students learned about different cultures and how to fight bullying and prejudice.

Folks have been dropping off items into boxes to be sent to victims in New Jersey and New York.

Organizers are collecting anything from toiletries to canned goods to baby items. They said they hope these efforts will send a strong message to those who are still struggling.

"Hang on, they just got hit again, and the snow storm in a lot of areas, they got a foot of snow. These people haven't had power for ten days, it's heartbreaking, just hang on, everybody's trying to help as much as we can," said organizer, Teresa Grettano.

"Anything they could give, it would definitely help if you don't know where to take it just bring it to the university and the university will put it in the right area," said Dan Buiorick, a University of Scranton student,.

Items will be sent to Brooklyn and Staten Island this weekend.

The "U" Will be collecting items for the next few months.