Schuylkill County Family Fears Sandy’s Damage

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McADOO -- A family in Schuylkill County is still feeling the effects of Sandy.

A tree fell on the home during the storm . Now they fear their house will cave in on them!

A tarp is on the roof of the Bahrey family home near McAdoo, after a tree was pushed into the structure last week by Sandy's high winds.

There is damage inside the house. Russ Bahrey said he put plastic on the ceiling and wall where the tree branches punched through.

"All of a sudden we heard this big bang, so I came torwards the kitchen and the tree was on top of the house, and branches from the tree were hanging down in the kitchen," said Russ Bahrey.

Some walls have pulled away from the structure. The Bahrey family is afraid to live there.

Russ and Christine's six-month-old granddaughter was in the home when the tree fell. The child's mother, Samantha Bahrey, fears for the baby's  safety.

"I am worried to bring her here if the roof caves in or something, so she's at a friend`s house," said Samantha Bahrey.

Russ said he's a disabled veteran, collects about $900 a month, and doesn't have the money to fix his home. His homeowners insurance was cancelled because he couldn't afford it anymore. Russ hopes a contractor will step forward and give him a hand at fixing his storm damaged home.

The family said their in a real bind, and they claim the danger is not over. There is another tree nearby. The Bahrey's said if it gets blown over by a high wind, their home could be hit again.