Man Shot and Killed After Threatening Police

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OVERFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Troopers released new information Thursday in the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of Brian Williams. The case is still being investigated by State Police, but Thursday afternoon they said officers were threatened at the home along Route 307 around 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Police showed up at the home in Wyoming County planning to serve a mental health warrant, but officers said things didn't go as planned when they arrived at the home near Lake Winola.

Here's what State Police now say happened: Brian Williams came at cops with a fire place poker. When officers attempted to tase Williams, it did not work properly, and he continued to come at the officers. He was then shot and killed.

Newswatch 16 was there as State Police and forensics units were on scene at the home. Troopers did confirm it was a local police officer who is responsible for shooting Williams.

The case is being handled by the Wyoming County District Attorney who released this statement on Thursday:

"The circumstances surrounding this incident are being investigated by the State Police and the Wyoming County District Attorney's office. There will be no further comment until the investigation is completed."

Troopers from the Tunkhannock barracks said they were out in Wyoming County Thursday looking into the incident further.