Helping Small Businesses Save Energy

PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- Pennsylvania is helping small businesses save energy and cut down on hazardous waste.

Millions of dollars is going to protect the environment and help businesses.

Valet Garment Care near Wilkes-Barre just learned it is getting a $9,500 grant from the state department of environmental protection.

That will go to help replace a dry cleaning machine that's nearly 20 years old in Plains Township.

Since 2004, the state has spent $6.6 million in grants for small businesses looking to be environmentally friendly.

A new machine will help Valet Garment Care save water, gas, electricity, and eliminate hazardous waste.

“Oh, sure it's a help. I was in the market for a dry cleaning machine, and this will save us a few hundred dollars a month and pay for itself and reduce a lot of energy," said Jim Jasterzenski of Valet Garment Care.

The latest round of state grants is helping 56 businesses state-wide.


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