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Four Women Celebrate a Century in Lackawanna County

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A 100th birthday is a milestone very few of us ever reach.

So, imagine the surprise for employees at a nursing home in Lackawanna County when they realized they had four residents that have hit 100!

Grace, Wilma, Gilda, and Mary have a combined life experience of 404 years. But, Grace Gerrity said she doesn't feel a day over 90.

"Truthfully, no, I don't!" said Gerrity.

It was a special kind of birthday celebration for the residents at the Dunmore Health Care Center in Lackawanna County, acknowledging four lovely ladies who have all hit the century milestone.

Grace turned 101 in June. Wilma is 100, Gilda 101, and Mary is 102.

"We've seen in the paper where some facilities have one person, other facilities have two. We were really proud when we looked at our records and saw there were four people who were going to be 100 years old or over, so we thought that was a great thing," said Suzanne Bernatovich of the Dunmore Health Care Center.

The party was a surprise for the birthday girls and it was as much a celebration for the four of them as it was for the Dunmore Health Care Center. Employees said it's very unique to have four women over 100 years old.