No Power, Nor’easter, No Patience

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MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Last week, it was Sandy, and now folks in the Poconos may have to deal with a couple inches of snow.

To make matters worse, many are still without power.

After more than one week without power, utility crews from Met-Ed have finally arrived in the Winona Lakes housing development near Bushkill.

One neighbor decided to walk over to check out the progress.

"I just want to see how they're getting along. They said they'd have the power back on by noon. We'll have to see if that's going to happen," said Karl Lohmann of Bushkill.

Many are annoyed with not having power because now a Nor'easter is headed their way.

"I'm nervous. If we don't get power back before this comes, I don't see it for another week," said Shanna Willis of Bushkill.

"It's just icing on the cake. We're just going to put another layer on the cake. Have fun with that, snow, more winds, blowing the power lines down again," said Karoly Harth.

So, it's been nine days since Hurricane Sandy blew through the area, and she's left a pretty devastating mark in the Winona Lakes housing development. Trees are still down. Some trees are on top of homes, and the power lines are still littering sides of the road.

Met-Ed officials said they're now keeping a close eye on the sky because they said a Nor'easter is headed their way. In the meantime, crews will be staying close by, just in case power outages become a problem, again.

Faith in Met-Ed is running pretty low for neighbors here.

"I don't trust Met-Ed as far as I can throw them, at this point. They've been lying over a week now. Why would I believe anything they tell me?" asked Harth.

"Even if we do get power back in. It's gone. It's going to be gone,"  said Willis.