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Local Suzuki Dealers Keep Doors Open

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP -- There are a few hundred new and used cars on the lot at Ken Pollock Suzuki in Luzerne County. The people at the Pittston area auto dealer said they're not changing a thing after the auto giant announced it is stopping sales in the United States.

"Actually, things here are business as usual. Ken Pollock Auto Group isn't going anywhere," said business manager Murad Elbattah.

Suzuki cites low sales, tough regulations and high production costs for its bankruptcy, but people who follow the industry, including the co-owner of D&A auto service, said the news caught them off guard.

"I thought they were doing well. They seemed to be doing well. I'm surprised. Apparently in our area, they're doing good, in other areas they're not," said co-owner Darwin Perschau.

The Pollock dealership is waiting to hear what incentives can be offered to customers who are looking to buy some of the last new cars, and there are no plans to lay off employees anytime soon.

"They're all a part of the Ken Pollock Auto Group. We'll stick together and we're going to move through all of this," said Elbattah.

The people at the Suzuki dealership in Pittston Township said they'll keep their doors open to service all of the Suzuki's that are out on the road, but some auto shops said these drivers may run into some roadblocks in the future.

"People are going to come in in a few years and try to get normal parts, and you're not going to be able to get them. They're not going to make the car anymore. You'll find brakes and things like that, but you're going to have body parts which we don't do, but you'll find body doors, fenders accidents stuff like that. You're not going to get parts," said Perschau.

Mike Sokolowsky of J&G Auto Sales works on foreign cars quite often, and said that might not be the case for everyone.

"I don't think they should have that much problems. Maybe with a few items, but most of the stuff is available after market," said Sokolowsky.

Sokolowsky and other auto shops said new time buyers should be cautious.

The Pollock dealership said Suzuki was in meetings Wednesday afternoon, and we should know soon just what incentives new car buyers can expect to see.

There may be some deals to be had at Suzuki dealerships across the U.S. in the weeks to come.