Fire Wrecks Several Homes in Northumberland County

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MOUNT CARMEL -- Three families were forced into the cold Wednesday morning after flames tore through a set of row homes in Northumberland County.

Two hours after the alarm was turned in, smoke could be spotted at the homes in the 200 block of East Second Street in Mount Carmel.

Four homes were affected. One suffered smoke damage, three were wrecked by flames.

Don Auman the father of a fire victim said his daughter and her husband, lost everything.

"They got two pets out, but they think one perished in the fire. They have no beds, no furniture, it's a total loss," said Auman.

"I am just happy that everybody is o. K. This is all that left in the fire.  It's a picture with my mom and Jessica's youngest daughter Skylar, said Tiffany Bubbis, a sister of the fire victim.

Jessica Jackson said she believes the flames started in her basement, in or around the coal furnace.

"We noticed there was fire in the wall. I don't know how it happened or how it got in the wall," said Jackson.

Looking at her home, Jessica Jackson knows she's lucky to be alive. She said her future is uncertain.

"Where am I going? Where am I going to live?" questioned Jackson.

Losing everything is hard to deal with, just ask Jessica's husband Mark.

"I don' know, I am just so overwhelmed, I don't know what we're going to do," said Mark Jackson.

Officials of the Mt. Carmel fire department want to thank the fire companies from three other counties that fought the  blaze. The cause is under investigation.